ABC News spoke with Lana Sandas regarding the NSW government’s announcement of thousands new prison beds. June 2016. ARTICLE

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke with WJN participant, Bianca about her encounters with domestic violence, drug abuse and imprisonment, and why locking up women is failing to resolve the problem. June 2016. ARTICLE

2Ser Razor’s Edge radio speaks with Lana Sandas about NSW budget announcement and the planned purchase of 7,000 new beds. June 2016. AUDIO

The Wire radio speaks with Lana Sandas about prison overcrowding and its recent affect on women. Feb 2016. AUDIO

Inner West Courier: WJN gets re-funded. December 2015. ARTICLE

Daily Telegraph: Minister Brad Hazzard has re-funded WJN. December 2015. ARTICLE

WJN Board members: Linda Steele, Nicki Petrou and Kat Armstrong published an article in the Law Society Journal in 2015, titled Mentoring Women in the Criminal Justice System. JOURNAL

CCER Blog: Women Leaving Prison, written after hearing Lana Sandas speak at the annual Empowering Women breakfast at Parliament House. October 2015. ARTICLE

ABC’s Lateline: ICE in the criminal justice system, and how mentoring women could be key. Featuring Kat Armstrong, Lana Sandas and WJN participant Jasmine Treller. August 2015. TV SEGMENT      ARTICLE

The World Today radio spoke with WJN about the upcoming smoking ban in NSW prisons. July 2015. AUDIO

The Burwood Scene wrote an article about Kat Armstrong in 2013 about survival, courage and overcoming adversity. ARTICLE

Kat Armstrong was quoted in the Daily Life in an article about Christmas in prison in 2013. ARTICLE

Senator Lee Rhiannon spoke about WJN in parliament in 2013. Here’s what she had to say. ARTICLE

Read an article about what Kat Armstrong would do if she ruled the world. Published in the University of NSW Newspaper, Tharunka in 2012. ARTICLE

Alternative Media Group quoted Kat Armstrong in their 2012 Article, “Justice fighters to be hailed heroes” about her Justice Award. ARTICLE

The Tasmanian Times spoke about Kat Armstrong wining the women’s leadership award in 2012. ARTICLE

Australian Centre for Leadership for Women posted an article about Kat Armstrong in 2012 about her SWECO Award in 2011. ARTICLE

Sydney Morning Herald spoke with Kat Armstrong about people in prison with mental illness in 2011. ARTICLE

Crikey speaks to WJN about women in prison in 2010. ARTICLE

In 2010 Kat Armstrong was on the cover of the Balmain Voice. COVER SHOT

ABC Radio host Richard Fidler had a conversation with WJN Director, Kat Armstrong in 2009. You can listen the conversation here. AUDIO

In 2008 the Sydney Morning Herald spoke to Kat Armstrong about the role of mentoring in keeping women out of jail. ARTICLE

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